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Womb Whisperer

While thinking about the term “Womb Whisperer,” I came across this last night:

From the book Shakti Woman: Feeling Our Fire, Healing the World, The New Female Shamanism.

“A woman shaman, like a spider spinning, must learn to lead from the womb. To move our attention from the head to the belly, from the mind to the body, a woman must learn to read the signals and learn to trust them. Otherwise she’ll never be sure of the difference between her intuition and those little fearful voices in her head that tell her to be careful, stop, don’t and so on.”


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I have suddenly developed a gift for super intuition.  I have been practicing remote healings (really they are energy readings) on friends and people I don’t even know.  Every time I  do this I  know things about them all that I would have had no other way of knowing, other than intuition.

Every time I am right.  I haven’t done one yet that was not on target.

I told my teacher about this on Friday.  She called me a “Womb Whisperer.”  I really like that term.  She said she can also do this and that it was my gift.

She is going to teach me other things that I can do remotely, especially for healing, but for now my instructions are to keep practicing.

I created this category so that I can keep track of all my whisperings in one place.

I’ll be back to post about ones I’ve already done.

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