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I have not posted on the blog in a long time. I lost the words for a while and then have simply been “being.” I’m enjoying the contrast of things and currently in super-manifest mode again which of course always makes me feel happy and raises my vibration, and well, on it goes.

I have started a new course teaching various ways to get in touch with your guides called Communicating Within. I started on a yahoo group and am now moving over to my friend Melanie’s site Wise Ways Of Women. My first round of participants are guinea pigs (thank you my friends!) and I already have new ideas about how to expand it in the future.

Black Bear has been speaking again and is helping me with the manifestation of the course and Hawk of course is here.

Interestingly, Lizard showed up when I asked for help with the beginnings. Lizard being a sign of releasing ego. Thanks Lizard!

I have had more helpers show themselves in the past couple of weeks and will write more about them under “Helpers.”

If you are interested in joining us for the course, please send me an email to: wombwhisperer@yahoo.com for details.


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I had read somewhere that in order to know your spirit guides, all you had to do was ask. That they are standing ready, to come to you when called. So, I tried this. One night before falling asleep as I was meditating, I simply asked if I could know one of my spirit guides.

I promptly forgot that I had asked.

Less than a week later I was talking with an intuitive that I consult for my daughter’s health issues and as we were ending the conversation, (which had nothing to do with me directly – it was all about my daughter) she said, “By the way. You have a Spirit Guide around you that wants to be known. ”


Allorah went on to tell me that I have about 11 guides around me but this one was very strong and was a very fierce Apache Warrior and Shaman named Black Bear. Apparently Black Bear was killed in a sneak attack while sitting at his camp by the fire. Allorah said that of course, Black Bear knew it was going to happen, but that’s the way he did things. He lived his life in the flurry of drama and excitement.

I promptly did a Google search on this man and found a small snippet that explained exactly how he was ambushed.

“The two most important men in the Northern Arapaho were Medicine Man and Black Bear. They wanted a reservation for the Arapaho in Wyoming. They sent for Friday, an accomplished interpreter and esteemed member of the tribe to help them develop good relations with the army. After 1868, The Northern Arapaho started serving regularly as scouts for the army. They also established relations with their long time enemy the Shoshone, (who had accepted a reservation in Wyoming in 1868) and army officers made arrangements to help the Arapaho live on the Shoshone Reservation. There were clashes with trespassing settlers and miners along the Sweetwater and Popoagie Rivers, and after Black Bear was ambushed and killed by a mob of settlers, Medicine Man led his people back to Ft. Fetterman and resumed efforts to obtain a reservation solely for the Arapaho.”


Since then, black bear has led me toward things that are helping me grow. He is a spirit of few words and doesn’t really tell me anything profound or enlightening. Mostly he teaches me to be still and to stop looking outside myself for answers.

He speaks of nature and trees. He led me to my current teacher.

I am honored and grateful to know him.

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