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My classes at this school are broken into three, full-day sessions every other month.

My first one was April 20th. I want to share some notes I jotted when I got home after my days spent w/my teacher(s) and classmates.

April 20th

First class. That night I dreamed of turtle medicine (for me or A, I don’t know). I also dreamed of guardian angels in the sky. I was looking at the night sky, seeing some constellations and noticed one inside a circle of stars. It was one of the archangels. Then the angel became animated and changed into another angel, then another, and another.

I was sitting next to Shannon’s husband. B and the girls were inside the house (whose house I don’t know). Shannon’s husband put his hand on my leg and asked if I were married. I said yes.

April 21st

Second class. Worked on the “cap of light.” This meditation was extremely powerful for me. I worked in my second chakra and worked on healing my long lost libido. I felt a shift. It was a very powerful and emotional experience.

That night I came home and found out that my neighbors had died in a plane crash that afternoon. Mark and Margaret were avid pilots. I don’t know if they both were pilots or if Mark was but they owned a small plane and went flying almost every weekend. We did not know them even well enough to know their last names but we shared tools and had conversations whenever we were out in the neighborhood. In fact, Margaret had offered to teach me how to can.

April 22nd

Third class. We witnessed healings today. Amazing. I did a healing and had one done on me. Extremely powerful. I was also given this visualization to do: Imagine myself and Kate connected w/a cord. Ask the Archangel Michael to come and cut the cord with his mighty sword and stop all the bad karmic stuff that is connecting us and her supposed sickness right now. I did this while Corro was working on me. Very powerful.

April 23rd

No class. Tonight I told B that I’m having a hard time dealing w/Mark and Margaret’s death. I know this is my ego, because my higher self knows implicitly that they are safe, that they are where they choose to be and all is well.

So, I went for a bike ride. I always ride past their house since it’s at the end of the street. I turned on to the street behind them and Black Bear spoke to me. “They’re in the wind,” he said. Then it got very windy and all the wind chimes started ringing. I had never noticed just how many houses on Alice St. have wind chimes!

Thank you Black Bear.


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So my teacher is a Shaman after all.

Here’s another quote from this site: http://www.shamanlinks.net/shaman.htm

“The shaman sees illness as a lack of power because it was lost somewhere in your life. In order to heal you the shaman returns your power to you. She or he may perform a power animal retrieval, see link for more details. A power animal is a protector, similar to a guardian angel, which protects you from harm and helps you with your spiritual growth by lending its power to you.

The shaman also removes misplaced energy. The negative emotions you may feel, or the negative emotions that another can send at you are seen by the shaman to be stuck or stored in various parts of the body. This can be seen with the example such as how stress causes ulcers or back pains. The shaman will re-empower you by removing the energy that does not belong within your body. This is called a shamanic extraction, other healing modalities in addition to shamanism practice this in various forms. This energy is not bad, it is just misplaced. Because it does not belong in your body, it is seen as causing illness that then shows itself in a physical way through pain, sickness or emotional difficulties.

In the shamanic system part of the soul is free to leave the body, so therefore it is also believed that soul parts of each individual will leave the body in order to protect itself from trauma. This is considered a positive protection mechanism. For instance, if someone were to be in a car accident, part of the soul would leave the body to protect itself from the trauma of the impact. The soul does not always know how to return, however, and if it has not returned for whatever reason this is referred to as soul loss. That is when the shaman would become involved, in order to assist with returning this missing piece of yourself. The healer would perform a soul retrieval, see link for more information. In indigenous cultures this was performed quite regularly. In these modern times, a person may go a long time feeling like a part of him or herself has been missing.

Soul loss would be comparable to the psychological concept of disassociation.”

This is exactly what I learned a couple of months ago and did with success the very first time.

Later, I’ll write about Shamanic Extraction. Or at least I’ll quote some about it from the site listed above.

Did I mention that I LOVE that site?

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The definition of a Shaman is both simple and mysterious. Some believe that Shamans have come by their abilities by passing through an experience of great pain or even death.

If this is true, then I qualify. A few times over.

Shamanism is the practice of healing and attaining spiritual knowledge.

I’ve been on a spiritual quest for years. Only in the last two years did I know that I was a healer.

Never would I have thought that I had to become a mother before becoming a mystical healer, but that’s the path I needed to take.

My second daughter was born needing healing. You can read about our journey toward healing Kate at http://www.findingkate.org.

Kate was the impetus my Spirit needed to begin to listen, trust, and heal.  After all, isn’t that what Crystal children do?

Like the yogi masters, Kate gave me my initiation into this mystical world of the Universe. I have heeded the call.

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