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I am on a quest to learn more about this once-fierce, warrior, Shaman, Apache (Arapaho) who is now guiding me on my spiritual journey.

I emailed the woman who created the website through which I found out about his authenticity. She has no more information about him other than what she wrote.

Last night before sleep, I asked Black Bear for a message.

He showed me his camp through my dream. I know it was an image of camp on the night he was ambushed and killed. I saw the camp. Saw the fire. Saw him drumming. He was alone.

It was a very foggy dream and even as I realized that I was dreaming it, the harder I tried to see the dream more clearly, the more it faded away.

I have not done a thorough search on this man. I intend to though.


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After I found out that Black Bear was one of my guides, and that he was standing ready to “help me manifest my life as I want it to be,” (The words of Allorah, my favorite intuitive), a couple of things happened immediately.

I asked Black Bear what I should be doing. To this he responded, Nothing. You do nothing.

The next day I happened to stop by a local metaphysical shop here in town. I had always wanted to go in, but somehow never did until this day. I went looking for some information on Shamanism.

I bought two books that day and as I checked out I saw a flyer on the counter advertising a Mystical Healing Arts School. I read the flyer over while I checked out and then struck up a conversation with the gal bagging my books. I told her all about Black Bear and how I felt led by him to stop in their shop. I told her that the flyer I was looking at was interesting.

We had a nice talk and she told me that the school offered a one-year course in the Mystical Healing Arts. That it’s very powerful.

I had never even considered such a thing before. I was busy working on my website and working on my books and articles. This was a whole new venture.

I drove home knowing that despite the cost and the time it took, I’d have to sign up.

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