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While I was riding to the place where my oak stands, guess what I came across?

The strung-out-looking-kid-from-the-other-day’s backpack off in the grass on the side of the road near where we had met the other night.

I know it was his. I thought about stopping and looking inside but I didn’t.


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I have really become a manifesting master. I am seeing myself create my life and my experiences right before my very eyes.

It started out by my manifesting small things intermittently, like a parking space (which I actually had been doing for years), or a particular color object. The things I played around with manifesting grew from small, pretty “normal” things to more unusual things and more vague requests, such as asking to see “an unusual bright red object.”

Yesterday I observed myself after a particularly profound experience talking with a grandmother oak tree (more of which I’ll write about later) and I realized that I manifested that whole experience. As this exchange between myself and the tree was taking place, I was feeling a bit anxious, the looking-over-your-shoulder-to-see-if-anyone is-looking variety.

I left this beautiful place I had found on my bicycle feeling this anxiety.

It won’t be surprising to some to find that what I manifested in my experience on my way home were two anxiety causing events. The first one, a small dog chasing toward me at top speed, barking and teeth bared. The second, a dirty, grimy young guy on a bike wearing a punk-style (sorry if I offend anyone) ski cap (in 90 degree weather) and carrying a road-worn backpack. He looked as if he’d been camping or living in the nearby woods. Maybe he had.

I realize that these events may not seem unusual or anxiety provoking to many. To me, even. Except, this was a remote road in a subdivision that is well off the beaten path in a small rural community where things are the same pretty much all the time. This community is made up of mostly elderly people who live by deed restrictions (which include having your dog leashed at all times.)

I’d never seen that dog before. I realize that this may not even bear mentioning, but I do so, to show what my feelings brought to me. That dog scared the crap out of me. I could only picture putting my feet up on top of my handlebars and hoping he couldn’t jump that high.

Passing the kid with the backpack wouldn’t have even been worthy of mentioning if it weren’t for the fact that young people are rare in that area and also because he looked strung out. I can say this with confidence because seeing that look is a very familiar thing of my past. This kid was not all that thrilled with passing me by either, although I did say hello to him. He couldn’t look at me.

So after my beautiful communing with my oak, I watched myself manifest something not so vibe raising and looked over my shoulder the whole way home.

It was a good lesson though and I got back to my good feeling place pretty fast after that.

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