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The next time you’re out walking around try to see everything as if it were YOU. Look at everything as if you are looking in a mirror. Do it for more than a minute. Try it for as long as you can. If judgmental thoughts creep in, let them move on through. Keep looking around you and seeing yourself in everything.

See yourself in a squirrel, in a tree, in a road sign, in another human being – maybe an “ugly one” or an “unhappy looking person.” See yourself in the sky, in the traffic, in the sounds tht you hear.

Sometimes I’m really good at remembering this throughout my day. I should be, I’ve been intentionally practicing this for several months now. It’s helping me release judgment about things, which is a requirement for real spiritual growth. Other times, one judgment after another comes and it’s hard to release and know that we are all the Same. IT is all the Same.

Practice with me and let me know how you feel afterward!

I guarantee that if you do this exercise with regularity it will completely change your life experience. This is a sure pathway to Bliss.


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