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Last night I had a very interesting dream about passing on ancient “sisterhood” knowledge to my daughters.

We were standing on top of a mountain, yet it was green, lush, and flat like a grassy field.  We were overlooking more beautiful land.  It had the feeling of Ireland, perhaps Scotland. (My soul is calling me there so I’m not surprised.)

We were dressed in long white garments and our arms were outstretched as if welcoming the energies.

“My daughters” I said. “Do you see what we can do?”

We heard the cry of a newborn in the distance.

At that point I passed on some ancient knowledge to the girls about the cry of the baby and its meaning, but I don’t remember the exact words.

We reveled in the bliss.  In the power that we held.  In the love and the bond between us, and between all sisters.

Then we flew.  I demonstrated first.  I remember having the distinct feeling of having to be careful coming down again to standing, like it was an effort to “put on the brakes” so to speak.

My girls watched and took off themselves.  We flew together above this expanse of green and it was fabulous.

Then this morning I got together w/my friends and sisters in my prosperity group for an online chat session and energy sharing session.  We envisioned ourselves in a circle, holding hands sending out energy of abundance to us all and to the world.

The circle of sisterhood abounds and it is a mighty powerful thing indeed!


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