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What is the difference?

Well, there are varying opinions. Some shamans call helpers “allies.”  Others believe that there is a difference between helpers and guides.  Some call the Higher Self, the Inner Being.  It’s a matter of semantics I suppose.  Personally, I believe that there can be a hierarchy of sorts, yet I also believe these to be one and the same. All things are connected right?

There are: (Copied and pasted from my course Communicating Within)

1. Helpers – (rocks, stones, crystals, trees, plants, herbs, animals) We can get messages from them or through them. I have an oak tree that I communicate with and ask advice from. I often think that this oak is the spirit of my grandmother (a guide of mine). Sometimes I believe that this oak is my Higher Self.

2. Guides – spirits. They instruct, give counsel and protect. Guides often appear in human form, sometimes as archetypal figures like fairies, medieval women, or in animal form. Animals can also come to us as helpers as well, and not necessarily as a guide. For instance, you might get a message from Hawk. This may or may not mean that Hawk is one of your guides. He may just be bringing you a message on your quest to find your guide or your HS.

3. Higher Self – The pinnacle of communication. We are striving to communicate ultimately with our own Higher Selves, and the Higher Selves of those we love. Our guides can help us, as can the “helpers” along the way in this quest or for other things, but I believe the ultimate goal is to communicate w/HS.

It is exciting when we get a message from one of our guides! Guides love to be acknowledged, appreciated, and honored for what they do. They are there to help you with anything at all, whether it be getting in touch w/your HS, or a simple decision you have to make.

So then, the question that lingers now is this: Why then, do we need helpers or guides if we can just go directly to our Higher Self?

And the answer I have for that is, communicating with HS on a regular basis takes practice, patience, persistence, and discipline. Sometimes I can enter this space readily and easily. And often times I can do this for days or weeks in a row. Then, suddenly, as life will have it, “something” enters in and throws me off balance and it’s as if I’m starting from square one again.

<sigh> oh, the drama of being human!

It is a goal, a desire, and an intent of mine to remain in this connected place as often, and for as often as I can. It is a continual goal and process. And one that I am enjoying sharing with all of you!


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I have not posted on the blog in a long time. I lost the words for a while and then have simply been “being.” I’m enjoying the contrast of things and currently in super-manifest mode again which of course always makes me feel happy and raises my vibration, and well, on it goes.

I have started a new course teaching various ways to get in touch with your guides called Communicating Within. I started on a yahoo group and am now moving over to my friend Melanie’s site Wise Ways Of Women. My first round of participants are guinea pigs (thank you my friends!) and I already have new ideas about how to expand it in the future.

Black Bear has been speaking again and is helping me with the manifestation of the course and Hawk of course is here.

Interestingly, Lizard showed up when I asked for help with the beginnings. Lizard being a sign of releasing ego. Thanks Lizard!

I have had more helpers show themselves in the past couple of weeks and will write more about them under “Helpers.”

If you are interested in joining us for the course, please send me an email to: wombwhisperer@yahoo.com for details.

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