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Sky Phenomenon

Each time my oldest daughter and I go somewhere together, just the two of us,  something magical happens.   This almost-four-year old is a magical creator and I’m grateful to her for pointing things out to me that I normall wouldn’t see.

Several weeks ago we were on a “date” of sorts – just the two of us, driving along toward the ice cream shop.

“Look Mommy!” she exclaimed, as she pointed out the window.

What I saw was something I had never before seen in my life, but had heard about only a couple of weeks before.  It was a rainbow, but not really.  It was a horizontal “rainbow” in the sky – thick in the middle, with only three colors: pink, yellow, and blue/green.  The “rainbow” sort of just ended in a cloud. 

As I drove I marveled at this site and remembered a friend telling me that she had seen a similar thing at the beach only weeks before.  This was exactly what she described.

Later, a friend pointed me toward this site which explained what it was that we saw.  A circumhorizon arc.

Very very cool!  When we got to the ice cream place it was gone.  I looked at it out my window until we reached our destination.  As soon as we got out of our car it had disappeared.


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