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Testing My Creative Powers

Tonight as I spoke to Grandmother Tree she told me it would be safe to share and document.

I have spent the last two months testing my powers so to speak.  Some of it was deliberate, some of it I did on a subconscious level.  A word of warning to those of you testing yours.  Be very very careful in your intent and in your words and thoughts.

I had had a spirit baby surrounding me for many months.  I have a friend who is very in tune to spirit babies and thought perhaps I had one.  This was during the Spring.   I assured her that I did NOT have a spirit baby around me, that my husband and I were absolutely positively finished having children, that we felt blessed to have the two daughters that we have and that that was emphatically THAT.

I didn’t even really speak to this spirit baby but I felt him around me.

Then one day my husband and I had a moment.  I know how silly that may sound.  In this moment I thought, well, if it’s meant to be, it will be.  And so it was.

At 41, and 46 respectively, hubby and I were not prepared to have another baby.  There are many many reasons why and those of you reading who know our history with our second daughter will empathize.  No.  We could not handle another baby in this family.

I spent a week trying to convince myself that this was good.  I spent a week listening to all the preconceived rules I’ve learned; rules such as “you’ve made your bed, now lie in it.”  Rules like, “Suck it up, be stoic.”  Rules that Story Waters says are not necessary.

I had a healing arts class the next weekend and we worked w/toning and sound therapy. It was my turn to be in the middle of our healing circle and when the toning/sound was over I had an epiphany and a breakdown.  I did not want to birth this baby.  I was testing my abilities.  Unconsciously.

I set out on some guided imagery with the help of my shaman/teacher and released this spirit with Love back to Source.  I saw one of my (new) guides come and take this spirit and they both assured me that all was well.

What this spirit wanted from me was acknowledgement and love.  That’s all. 

I have already learned many lessons from this spirit and it has only been 5 weeks since the day I allowed him in.  Lessons I may write about another time.  For now, though, these lessons are all about one thing, and one thing only.



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Grandmother Tree Speaks

I discovered this giant oak tree several months ago while riding my bike on an old and overgrown golf course site.

 I was drawn to her immediately.  I know this tree is female and has the energy of grandmothers throughout the lifetimes.

Majestic, stoic, encompassing, wise, sheltering, open, this tree is the embodiement of love.  Every time I go to this tree I get a message and am overwhelmed with love and emotion.

I went tonight.  I needed to.

Tonight I went to ask for a message.  It was a message of love.  What else would it have been?

Grandmother tree told me that there are so many expressions of love that they are as different but as similar as all the branches of her.  Different, but the same.

These messages I get are often so very simple, yet are profoundly powerful when I receive them.  This was no exception.

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